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LOTSC 2019 Youth Ticket


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Last of the Summer Cider 2019 Youth Ticket (under 13s) for any day, for camping or non-camping.

Please add these to your order if you're bringing any under 13s to the festival. Please purchase one ticket per individual..... it's just so we can keep a track on numbers.

Sorry about the 1p thing, this website doesn't allow us to list a product as £0.

When you purchase this item, your name and email address will be recorded by our ticket office.

No physical ticket will be sent to you, you'll simply be asked for your name and email address when you arrive. The date of LOTSC 2019 is the 20th & 21st September.

You'll get an email from us confirming your order.

Also, please read the Festival Rules & Things To Know section on this website for some helpful tips & guidelines.

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